Monday 27 May 2024

Nice in Nice : Can you in Cannes? (1)

The Red Carpet : The Pink Frock

No 3 son has just come back from a visit to the world famous Palme d'Or silly frock competition held at Cannes (France) as part of an annual "Do".
Apparently, the winner was Nancy Tyagi (you are right, fbb had absolutely no idea!), who makes her own frocks. She describes herself as an "internet personality" which puts her on a par with fbb; who was not at Cannes! But No 3 son was!

He is CTO of this company based in Haywards Heath.
One of the things the company does is to make software and sell hardware to facilitate the marketing and distribution of digital films for the cinema. They don't have lovely hot and clunky projectors any more.
For reasons which are not entirely clear, No 3 Son did not feel able to spend lots of time on the streets of Cannes photographing buses. 

You just can't get the offspring these days. The lad was at one of the "trade" exhibitions and well distanced from the silly frocks!

But he did send a good collection of snaps taken "en passanr".

But first we need some context.
Cannes is on the Cote d'Azur (The Azure Coast) abutting the Mediterranean sea. Spain is to the west and Italy to the east. The whole area is infested with hospitality facilities for the rich and the very rich.
You start with the holiday haven for the almost unbelievably rich, Monaco, and go up and down the loadsamoney graph as you traverse the glorious views and beaches of The Med.
So fbb intends to have a good look at public transport in Cannes and, later, in Nice; which is where flights from the UK touch down. 

But we start with a brief intro to "Les transports en commun a Cannes".

Cannes has a railway station with its modern building replacing something more traditional from past times.
Today's glass edifice is accompanied by a line of bus stops ...
... offering minimalist protection from bad weather and only a little shade from the searing sun! On-line there is a  plan.
There is a bus station ...
... which comes complete with a display of art on an adjacent building.
... and another plan.
fbb has received from the lad a few pictures of trendy buses ...
... branded Palm Express; and some shots of little minibuses ...
... including one, pretty in pink!
This, as evidenced by a YouTube video, is a city centre circular. Spot the automatic bollards to allow access to usually pedestrian only areas.
So that needs a further investigation.
This bus stop notice was intriguing.
What might the bus "ligne Palm Imperial" be? It turned out to be the most ugly open topped bus that fbb has ever seen.
More investigation needed here.

Bus stop information was not always the best ...
... and departure screens were, well ...
... illegible!!

But there were a few network maps dotted around.
So maybe it is with this map that fbb should start a more formal examination of Palm Bus on-line.

SPOILER ALERT - Their web site is AWFUL!

And we need to look at buses with a strange sounding name ..,.
... and buses to the airport.
This will lead us neatly, and eventually, to the nice Nice network.

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  1. Nice traffic free roads, but I think they ought to oil those creaky springs !

  2. Andrew Kleissner27 May 2024 at 08:47

    In 1969 my family holidayed in Grasse, north of Cannes. We travelled by Motorail sleeper from Boulogne to Avignon. Having a full car and too much luggage, we sent a suitcase in advance from London Victoria to Grasse, for collection. Should have been simple but …

    … the Cannes-Grasse line had closed to passengers but was open for freight. After some persistent enquiries at Grasse station, we were told that our case was probably at Cannes. We went to collect it and, fortunately, it was.

    I can’t recall what we did on the return journey. However the line has since reopened and enjoys a roughly hourly service!